The Redistribution Advantage

RDA Advantage sells national and private label Jan/San and Food Service branded disposable products exclusively to distributors.  Never to end-users.

A leader in redistribution, RDA Advantage leverages national buying power to provide distributors with the right product at the right price, giving you a competitive advantage.

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Why Choose RDA Advantage?

  • Pure wholesaler - selling exclusively to distributors, never to end-users
  • Nationwide coverage with 11 redistributors and 35 warehouses
  • 2.1 million sf of warehouse space
  • Personal service and local market knowledge
  • National and private label Jan/San and Food Service brands
  • Knowledgeable with more than 75 years of experience
  • Nationally prominent and locally focused, delivering a local independent experience
  • Short lead times - 24 to 48 hour delivery in most areas
  • Low minimum orders
  • Outstanding fill rates - 98% or better on average
  • Local promotional opportunities tailored to fit your needs
Legacy Foodservice Alliance, Winter 2017

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